Central Aid – Meeting the social responsibility of our time

19 Nov

Central Aid is the social arm of the International Central Gospel Church, with a commitment to develop people and the communities they live in towards an overall improved living standards.


1.Educational grants and scholarships- To provide financial support to brilliant but needy students.
2.Relief and Development – To provide varied support services to communities that are affected by disaster.
3.Community and Social Development – To engage in development projects that will raise the standard of living for underprivileged communities.
4.Advocacy – To provide community awareness programs that will address the challenges facing our society.
5.Career Guidance and Counseling – To provide career guidance and counseling.


Central Aid started in 1988 as an Educational Scholarship Scheme providing financial assistance to needy students in secondary education. It was the brain child of the Founder and General Overseer of ICGC, Rev. Dr Mensa Otabil, who from personal experience has deep compassion for the needy.

Presently, financial assistance is awarded annually to needy pre-university students of proven academic ability.

Beneficiaries are drawn from across the country irrespective of ethnicity and religious background. A lot recipient families are testifying to the immerse relief and godly intervention offered by this scheme.

International Central Gospel Church is also involved in community water and sanitation projects in Ghana which epitomizes the Church’s desire to meeting its social responsibility besides its spiritual responsibility. Continue to pray for Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil and Mrs. Joy Otabil and their ministries that great grace from God will rest upon them for perpetuation of these good deeds. God bless International Central Gospel Church!

Source: ICGC Ghana website


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